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Top 5 Reasons a Rowing Workout is for you


Our Founders, Debra Strougo and Eric Von Frohlich talk through their top 5 reasons a rowing-based fitness program is for you:

1- It is Full-Body!  You get the whole package in each rowing session: arms, back, core and legs! You won’t have to go to the gym multiple days to target different muscles groups. 

2- It is low-impact, but HIGH Results! You can do it over and over but without beating up your body. And It’s great cardio training so you will burn a lot of calories. 

3- It’s great for your posture - and you will stand up taller! 

4- It will give you great abs!  You get a crunch with every stroke, bye bye crunches. 

5- Keeps you in shape and gets you in better shape, even if you have injuries that may limit you from other exercises. 






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