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Runners: Is Rowing for you?

Runners at row House?

We’ve seen a huge influx of runners at Row House.  Why is indoor rowing for you? Well, it gives you that same cardio high from running, but without the impact of the road. In fact, in many cases rowing helps runners find muscles that they didn’t even know they had - and in many cases even helps them run faster! 

Are you a runner that has had painful runs?  Or have you been benched from your running routine because of pain in your knees, ankles, or feet? Well, rowing is also for you simply because it is non-weight bearing.  As long as your doctor approves it, even people with broken toes or irritated feet (plantar fasciitis) or knee-related issues are getting great pain-free workouts on the rowing machine. 

Your heart rate will go up, but your body won’t be beaten up.  Plus, your posture will improve. Your core strength will be better and you will stand up taller.

How’s that for a reason to row!

Rowing Class

Interested in joining the crew?

Build Muscle, Torch Calories, improve your posture and strengthen your body from head to toe in just 45 minutes. At Row House, we will give you a great low-impact cardio and strength workout in a supportive and inclusive crew.  

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