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Why Row House is More than Just a Good Workout

Is it cardio? Strength training? Posture-improving? Does rowing tone muscles and blast fat? Is rowing low-impact and something anyone can do? Yes, all of the above. "But is Row House a good workout?", you ask. Working 86% of the muscles in your body simultaneously, rowing is one of the most effective and efficient full body workouts you will ever do. And according to our members, a Row House workout is "challenging, but doable." So no, it's not a good workout, Row House is a great workout. 

But it's more than just a great workout. Row House is a low-impact workout that novices and athletes alike can do and stick with, and contrary to popular belief, our classes aren't all rowing all the time. We offer a variety of group fitness class formats that incorporate workout moves both on and off the rowing machine (ergometer–or erg as it’s more commonly known to those who row), for one of the most efficient and effective total body workouts you can do. And while rowing has virtually no impact on your joints, a Row House workout has some seriously high-impact outcomes that will help you reach your fitness goals–whether it’s weight loss, heart-healthy cardio, toning or body-shaping you’re getting after.


The Highest Reviewed Rowing Equipment

Row House workouts are done on Concept2 ergometers which are widely regarded as the best indoor rowing machines today, and since they were first introduced in the early 1980s.  Offering  the closest simulation to rowing on water, the Concept2 rowing machine was developed to aid competitive athletes in rowing. But if you’re not a competitive rower, what advantage can you gain from using a Concept2 at Row House?  

Simply put, they’re efficient all-in-one machines that deliver an efficient, all-in-one workout. And while at first glance they may appear intimidating to use, it’s a single, smooth, low-impact movement as you pull against your own weight, first: legs-core-arms, then back: arms-core-legs. The machine tracks your performance so you can enjoy the sensation of gliding swiftly and steadily across the water. You can easily get into the swing of a rowing workout with just a little practice, and the guidance of a great Row House coach. 


Torch Calories & Track Your Improvement

Aerobic fitness is one of the most immediately noticeable benefits of a Row House workout, because you’ll torch calories quickly, and without the impact on joints that can result from other high calorie-burning exercises. The high number of calories you burn are a direct result of the high number of muscles engaged while rowing just a single stroke.  It’s an obvious choice for those with weight loss goals, especially individuals who have a substantial amount of weight they need to lose, because while rowing delivers calorie burn, it’s also a sustainable workout that can be done daily, and is easier to stick with long-term.

Due to the whole body nature of rowing workouts, you’ll also reap health benefits like improved posture; greater core, shoulder and back strength; and improved mobility. And by incorporating additional floor work into the workout (which can also be modified to meet your level of comfort and ability), Row House can help you achieve full body muscle activation, delivering a total body workout that’s possible for individuals of any age and any fitness level to do.  

Our workouts are integrated into both the Apple Watch and our own performance technology that sends you a report on your workout after every class you take, so you can set a plan to reach your goals and track your progress to achieve them!


Low-Impact, Low Risk of Injury

It’s hard to believe a workout that delivers such comprehensive results also comes with a much lower risk of injury–but it does a lot to explain why rowing is an integral part of both the professional athlete’s fitness regimen, while also drawing the attention of deconditioned athletes who have sustained limiting injuries from years of sports or repetitive damage.

The low risk of injury is a result of the low-impact nature of a rowing workout, and Row House provides a sustainable workout program that allows you to work out more often because it is gentle on your joints and has been shown to improve mobility. For those who are more prone to injury or in rehabilitation for ankle, knee, or joint damage, rowing offers a non-weight bearing workout without detracting from the intensity of the workout. That’s right, low-impact, high-results. Say goodbye to achy knees, ankles and feet. It’s also why rowing appeals to seniors and those who have difficulty with other types of exercise modalities.

Row House indoor rowing classes offer an immersive experience that’s a mix of ambient lighting, great music that guides the rhythm of the workout, and a seat on your own rowing machine surrounded by a fun, supportive community.  Our Row House coaches will guide you, train you and help keep you motivated throughout every class.  So you see, while many people who come to Row House seek a great workout, what they find in our Row House studios is really so much more.


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