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Meet the crew: John

Check out our recent chat with crew member John, age 70, from Row House Raleigh Midtown about his experience at Row House:  

John came to us the daRow House crew member Jhony after having an MRI and his doctor stating that he will never run again. He was devastated because after 30 years of running it was a huge part of his life. He has 2 ruptured discs in his lower back and neuropathy in both of his feet. He has very little feeling from the arch of his foot to his toes in both feet.

He joined with 8 sessions/month and by the end of the first week asked when he can upgrade to an unlimited. He has found something to replace running in his life through Row House and is a valuable member of our crew loved by all. He has told us many times that we saved his life - and most importantly, he brightens ours! 

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